North Halifax TaekwonDdo is very child friendly and welcoming. All members made me and my children feel part of an extended family. Although discipline is important for safety reasons, the class is fun and engaging. People obviously enjoy it because most students regularly attend 3 times a week. The instructor focuses on a good mix of class themes including fitness, self defense, preparation for grading and competition sparring practice. The instructor is supported by mentors who guide students through their practice. There are often fun out of class events such as laser tag to foster a club spirit. Free lessons are available at the start, so you might as well try it.

Idris, Student and father of 2 students

My name is Courtney I started Taekwondo when my grandma brought a leaflet over to my house she said that joining the club would help my confidence because at the time I was very very shy. Since starting at North Halifax Taekwondo club I have been able to mingle with others and I have also been able to stick up for myself as I was being picked on. When I started at the club I was nervous and didn't know what to expect. The instructor, Neil Capper was very kind and he also doesnt throw you into the deep end unlike other clubs. The other students there are very easy to talk to and easy to approach. When I joined the club i didn't expect to get very far, however, for 2014 I have achieved the titles of; Northern England All Styles Martial Arts 2014 Champion and All of England All Styles Martial Arts 2014 Champion. I am currently a blue belt aiming for a red tag in 2015 I would recommend the club for any parents wanting to get there child to learn Self Defence or wanting their child to interact with others. It is a great opportunity and I am very proud to be a part of it.


Courtney:- Student