About North Halifax Taekwondo


Here at North Halifax Taekwondo we are very proud of the fact that our primacy concern is the teaching of Taekwondo and
not directly concerned about finances. This means we are able to offer a large range of discounts to our
students dependant on their  circumstances.

In addition to this, we are able to offer additional training sessions at no extra cost,
unlike many other schools who will make a charge for this extra training

During the time the club has been running, we have never turned away any student. 
We are very proud of the fact that we acknowledge every person is different. 
We have taken on and trained students other clubs have found too difficult to train. 
In many cases very same students have proven themselves in man ways and
they have received compliments from not only other Taekwondo instructors, but also from other
Martial Art disciplines and their Students

We are able to offer lots of different methods and styles of teaching to suit differing learning abilities.
Indeed, some of our most challenging students are also some of our best, both in terms of ability and
the joy and pleasure we receive when these very students gain achievements,
either in competitions or in gradings